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A Passion for the Sportsman's Lifestyle

Buck Shot Apparel is more than just a brand; it's a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit and familial bonds. Founded by the Easterly family in their humble garage in Madisonville, Louisiana, Buck Shot embodies the values of hard work, passion, and a love for the outdoors. With deep roots in the local community, our family-owned business is dedicated to crafting quality apparel that resonates with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. From rugged adventures to everyday wear, each garment carries the essence of our family's journey and the spirit of exploration that defines the Buck Shot experience.

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About Our Family

Tyler Easterly, the visionary behind the brand, has always been driven by a passion for creation. Prior to Buck Shot, he cultivated his entrepreneurial spirit through a small service business, laying the foundation for the brand's inception and growth. Responsible for curating the artwork adorning our apparel, accessories, and outdoor gear, Tyler's designs embody the essence of our adventurous endeavors.

Behind the scenes, Maeghan Easterly orchestrates the seamless operation of our business, from shipping logistics to administrative tasks, all while nurturing their two children, Tucker and Annabelle. Their cherished German Shorthaired Pointer, Dutch, a frequent star on our social media, exemplifies our outdoor lifestyle brand's spirit through his expert upland hunting alongside Tyler.

Every purchase of our products not only supports our family but also fuels the journey and evolution of Buck Shot, ensuring a vibrant future ahead.

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